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- Any attempts to manipulate the rankings or otherwise place a site at an unfair advantage on PBBGames.com will result in the site being banned. This includes but is not limited to applications, web proxies, and other methods of illegitimately affecting statistics.

- Participating sites must present their users with voluntary links for voting. Sites shall not in any way, by overt or covert methods, force users to vote for a site. This includes but is not limited to hidden links, embedded scripts, game/site requirements to vote in order to participate in or otherwise use the site, or any other deceptive or compulsory means.

- For the integrity of PBBGames and all of our members, we encourage all visitors and members to report any suspected cheating or violations of these Site Guidelines to the Webmaster using the Contact Us form.

Content and Rights:

- All sites must be approved by PBBGames staff prior to posting. Approval is subject to conformance with PBBGames listing genres. Inappropriate sites -- adult content, graphic violence, etc -- will be rejected forthwith.

- PBBGames reserves the right to approve or rejects sites at its discretion, regardless of similarity to other listings or any other criteria. Approval is not a guarantee of permanent posting.; PBBGames may revoke approval at will. Furthermore, PBBGames may alter the site (pbbgames.com) and its content at any time.

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