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Browser games for girls! Play all the latest games for girls, play dress up games, pony games, shopping and restaurant games and much more! Visit today! Play games girls.
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This free international MMO (no download) mixes genres in a unique way: it's a role playing game, a strategy game and a political game, all at the same time. Here since 10 years, join the adventure!
3 1
Flash based Strategy MMO! Build your colony, train your army, form alliances and treaties and conquer the world! Free to play! Over 15,000 players and counting!
2 94
Mafia Classic is a online turn base game. The only one giving away multiple cash prizes starting with ten cash winners. New content never seen before.
2 63
Human history is marked by our desire to expand our boundaries no matter what. Colonize distant worlds in a wicked galaxy! Manage your colony and turn it into a mighty empire. Start right now!
2 99
GTRacer is an online text-based browser game with RPG elements. Dragracing in GTRacer is really unique: It is an exciting real-time experience that you won't see anywhere else.
2 74
Begin your adventure into the World of Nyrris,here you shall encounter all kinds of creatures and challenges which will put your skills and perseverance to the test.
2 74
The World has been set in flames. You are one of the few survivors left who must fight to survive the challenges of post-apocalyptic world.
2 103
Online Mafia game
2 84
A free browser based MMORPG with turn-based tactical combat, perks, quests and a rich storyline set in a world of fantasy. You play as either man, elf, dwarf or hobbit bound for adventures.
2 64
Become the best mobster in The Mob World by competing against other mobsters, making drugs you can use in crimes, training dogs for dog fighting, tuning your car for races, and so much more!
2 66
Uprising is a text based fantasy game that offers 6 races, 5 classes, crafting, quests, tons of items, PvP, guilds, spells, and much more!
2 79
Play hot new online games. There are games for everyone: action, arcade, puzzle, sports, girl, card, adventure and much more for you to enjoy.
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Un sito con 3000 giochi online e inoltre con tanti giochi da scaricare sul proprio computer
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Play only quality online games for free from a lot of categories for girls, boys and big boys, inclusiv fps games in unity 3d.
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Free online games including arcade, sports, shooting, puzzles you can play in your web browser!
2 55
A large Doom franchise based website with reviews and downloads of thousands of user created maps, demos of all the ID games, Wolfenstein and Quake content as well.
2 74
Ultimate Naruto is a side-scrolling turn-based browser online game, 100% retailing the story of famous anime "Naruto". Have your ultimate experience with Naruto together with your friends!
2 124
Free to Play browser-based real-time strategy game set in the distant future. Earn new ranks, expand to new planets, trade, build defenses, research tech, recruit heroes & amass a fleet of star ships
2 43
Wanna life the life of a gangster? Register for free today and enter the world of organised crime, drug smuggling and illegal gambling. You think you have what it takes? Bring it!
2 39
Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title. Build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. Crush your enemies and conquer land!
2 47
The best Mafia MMORPG. Many unique features such as Gangsters, District, Troop, Master-Disciple.
2 83
Tired of boring, stale and unbalenced browser based games? Oil Conquest is a 100% free, Persistant Browser Based Game, that offers a rich experience of having an Oil Conquest with or without allies...
1 111
Ages of Strife(AoS) is a browser based war game set around the 18th century. Build up villages, create armies and fight for control. Time moves in turns, every hour there is an update.
1 76
Fantasy world with upgradable creatures, puzzles, mysteries to solve, all in a beautifull hand drawn landscapes. Players can become legends.
1 86
Work your self up from Nobody to a King Try this to Steal, Trade, Fight, Murder, Travel, Crusade and many more.
1 73
Simunomics is a massive-multiplayer Business Simulation Game where you create your own business and set your own strategy to conquer a vast, changing economy. Fun meets realism in a virtual world.
1 82
(details) - live the mob; breathe the mob; be the mob.
1 187
Free browser based text based game with a fantasy setting. Travel through a fight filled map, make allies, kill monsters and players, and much more! Enjoy building your character to be the strongest!
1 105
Ultimate Warfare is an online multiplayer browser based game. Grow powerful and nuke your enemies! Send sniper teams or special forces demolitions teams to wreak havoc! AND MUCH MORE!
1 95
MobsterNations is a free browser based mafia game, where you extort,kill,loot to get to the top of the mobster nation and demand the respect of all other mobsters.
1 79
Winds Of Conquest (WOC) is a free browser based game. Winds Of Conquest offers an exciting experience of constructing your own company.
1 66
From the creators of the browser game2 Xeno, enroll in a journey to the stars and beyond. Are you man enough to lead your people to freedom or are you too afraid to even try with this online strategy
1 101
Path to Pelantas is a persistent browser-based fantasy game (PBBG) including management and role-playing elements. Free to play!
1 72
Unique browser based Adventure. It’s a game like no other. Addictive storyline, live chat, role play, creature fights, PVP fights, alliances, quest, collectible creatures, daily updates, forum.
1 70
Come and join the newest most exciting game out! with great active members!
1 62
Public Launch Oct 6th, 2014: Text-based Browser RPG game, 13 Tradeskills, Unique Combat System, Dungeons, Chat, Guilds, Virtually Unlimited Loot to Obtain! Awesome Community!
1 109
Could you handle life in Dark Fusion? Join now and start your journey to become ruler of Fusion city. Crimes, hunting, fishing, mining, properties, companies, crafting, faming, gym and lots more!
1 67
Zombie Pandemicis a free browser based MMORPG. You are a survivor trapped in a city with the walking dead roaming the streets & will need to fight for your survival. The game features enriched RPG.
1 74
Hostile aliens have invaded the Earth with the purpose of killing and enslaving the human race. You are one of the few survivors left who must fight to survive the challenges of post-apocalyptic world
1 72
Dynasty Conquest is a text based role playing game. Learn the way of the warrior as you battle and train your way to the top and earn your place in Dynasty Conquest.
1 187
Nyrris Empire is a Browser Based MMORPG with a strong emphasis on players building the economy. Develop your land to produce the resources needed for construction, exploration, and combat.
1 75
A free turn-based text browser game. Build your army and become the greatest imperiumwarlord!
1 89
Proudly following the best online football management games, FA5 Challenge is crealy new in its Five-a-Side football approach and its trading card mechanism.
1 67
The most addictive and intense Space Empire Simulator out there. A new turn (week) happens every 10 minutes. Explore, build and conquer!
1 60
Crime city is a free mmorpg
1 31
Welcome to, a place where a complete family can come and enjoy our free online games website where every games is personally picked from thousands of games.
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Play Galaga and other classic shooter games online. Including Space Invaders, Galaxian, Asteroids and more.
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Arcade Games for all
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Arcade Games online
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PBB Games